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About Microsite Masters

Microsite Masters was developed as a result of realizing the fragmentation and lack of standards in place between SERP tracking and search engine optimization toolsets designed for SEO campaign management.

Our goal was simple: Develop a superior product to address the following needs:

1: Accurate ranking tracking (updated daily) across major search engines in multiple countries.
2: Automation features to track dozens of campaigns with ease, precision, and less time.
3: Determine ROI and the associated SERP impacts delivered by service providers and vendors.

Simply put, Microsite Masters is light years ahead of the competition as result of rigorous testing and delivering exactly what professional SEOs, agencies, and organic affiliates have been searching for: Reliability, Accuracy, and Intelligence.

If you are currently using a SERP tracker that updates ranking results weekly, is reliant on API access from a third party, or lacks responsiveness with customer support related challenges, Microsite Masters has stepped in where other providers have fell short.

Managing multiple vendors or utilizing different types of links? Are you a service provider looking to demonstrate how effective your offer or link building package is? Need a better web-based solution to manage your agency business?

Our dynamic export feature takes accountability to a whole new level where vendors can be kept honest while giving users the ability to record their actions, associated costs, and SERP impacts inside of one view panel. Sharing results publically has never been this easy.

The choice is clear if you are looking for an intelligent SERP tracker that takes accountability seriously. Sign up for Microsite Masters today!

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Features Include:

YES Web Based Interface
YES Daily Rank Tracking
YES The SEO Scoreboard
YES PDF Report Exports
YES Agency Style Reporting
YES Automated Alerts
YES ROI Tracking
NO Headaches
YES .CSV Exports
YES User Control Panel
YES Multiple User Support
NO Lost Productivity
YES Multiple Country Support
YES White Labeled Reports
serp report

Setting up a new campaign inside of Microsite Masters is easy. Step 1: Name your project.

keywords and websites

After creating a project, add a website and the keywords that you would like to track.

keyword view
Campaign data is viewable inside of one panel. Fields can be quickly sorted aphabetically, by search volume, by search engine, or by rank position change.

serp chart

Charts are easy to understand on the keyword level. Create notes, scroll through other keywords, or publically share campaign data with others.