17 responses to “Why Business Owners Rank Better Than SEOers and 5 Things You Can Learn From Them”

  1. jeffreyskang

    juice it. squeeze every red cent out of your traffic, all the time.

  2. Ian Mason

    This post and your last one are pretty epic. Most software businesses in the SEO/online marketing space don’t seem to have much to say other than offering blog posts about getting their new office or why culture is important in a startup and how they’re growing theirs. I mean no disrespect to them but I really do value what you guys post.

    I’d heard of MSM before I read any of the posts, but when Ruck from Convert2Media shared your Penguin post on Facebook, I was hooked.

    Thanks for taking the time to set a good example and educate. I do really well optimizing my own sites but I’ve had to increase the number of sites due to G updates making things unstable for them. I’m growing a little tired of the grind there as I originally thought if I just create quality I can have 1 site that is my business. Google showed me I was wrong there very quickly when I launched a redesign and changed URL structure without 301 redirects (was a noob back then) and the site died… never came back since Aug 2010.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to rant… I’m happy with the direction things are going in, and thank you very much for your post.

  3. jacky8

    Great post!

  4. brian

    Yeah, your last article on the penguin update has probably been shared a bazillion times all over the web, hope you enjoyed that link juice!

    Anyways, yes. SEO people need to realize that businesses only care about conversions at the end of the day. You need to be able to connect the dots for them, explain how SEO effects their bottom line.

    Lastly, start to master inbound marketing!

  5. Tom

    Great Post Rob!

  6. Anurag

    I think with the latest updates, a lot has changed in terms of us in terms of relationship management and client retention. SEO, is not anymore about links, but as mentioned by you…becoming about reputation, brand awareness and collaboration.

    Brilliant post!

  7. Jesse

    Another great article. This basically exposes the thin model most SEO’rs are doing and something to think twice about.

  8. boston seo

    Great thoughts.

  9. Jason Nelson

    Good article. SEO has gotten a lot tougher. The MFSEO site is pretty much dead. The success rate of a new site is now more in line with the rate at which new businesses fail.

  10. Jasper

    First of all I loved your last post on the penguin update, really great help for any person interested in SEO. Although I agree to what you’re saying about building a brand etc. and think more like a business owner, SEO can still be a very powerful way to thrive your business. Especially if you are focused on conversions (the most important thing after all) you can use the data from your SEM campaigns to find the best converting keywords and start an SEO campaign to rank high on them. Although a lot has changed since penguin; a #1 position can still be worth millions of dollars! You just have to be more careful with your anchor text link building and focus more on quality online promotion of your company and brands.

  11. Aditi

    Thanks for this informative post. I must say that the five things that you have highlighted are very important and can be learned from the business owners. I specially like the tin eye reverse image search.Quite interesting one. Thanks for the share!!

  12. Raden - Car Repair

    Business owners do not spam and their backlinking activities are focused on more niche-related sites. On th other hand, SEOers, especially those who are paid to do SEO for someone’s website, will do all means just to build backlinks. Over optimization will be the problem. I have a business website as well which is ranked high and never penalized and I never used any blasting software to build links. Very few links are coming from non-related niches..

  13. WhatsMYSERP

    Great advice, but it is hard to get started and keep traffic growing without organic search especially if you have tight margins. Organic traffic from search is free, and depending on your keyword can drive a huge amount of traffic to your site. Once there, it is up to you to impress them enough to be repeat users or buyers, but getting them there as cheaply as possible is key. Google hurt a lot of sites with penguin, not because they were bad sites but because they choose bad techniques to promote their sites.

  14. Mark Walsh

    I make sure we focus on links that not only provide SEO value but bring in good referral traffic. By focusing on links that bring traffic (both do and no follow), you’re almost guaranteed to build quality links. Most sites that get enough traffic to send you direct referral traffic are usually high quality sites anyway – so I try to use them as much as possible!

  15. Danny Howard

    What a great read that was. It really made allot of sense about don’t rely on the SERPs to influence your audience. Provide quality content and don’t think about SEO as a main traffic source to rely on because if done right will just come naturally.

    Your traffic has been built around your brand first and not just relying on the SERPS to get traffic and run your business through SERPS.

    You traffic comes from just naturally branding and doing the things different as to what many SEOers do.

    Great read Cheers Danny

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