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  1. Tyler Cook

    Great article, I have seen many of these reputation management articles as it has become increasingly good linkbait. I would like to comment that while I have used MTurkers for a few SEO related task (such as liking, +1ing, or retweeting) I had not considered it’s use for flushing negative auto completes. I’ll have to try that, thanks for the info!

  2. Harsh aka jr_sci

    Great blog post once again Robert. I would like to read about ranking traditional yellow pages and “manipulating” reviews. Again, we could get a couple of Video testimonials (on youtube, dailymotion) to rank for the brand name. Overall, Good job ! It was a nice read.

  3. Kyra S.

    Awesome article. This really is chocked full of great ideas. Rep management is on the rise, for sure. I appreciate the reminder about hosting different domains on different IP’s and the info on Mechanical Turk. Thanks!

  4. Scpi Expert

    Interesting post.
    I’ve been on amazon website but I’m not sure how to use this service to have better Serp result
    I guess I’m going to find a review ^^
    Anyway thanx for the idea, it looks promising

  5. Mike

    Some very good tips here. I keep hearing about the power of Press Releases so I’m going to start using them. I know the big one, prweb is very expensive. I wonder if anyone can recommend others that are maybe a little less expensive but “almost as” good…?

    I never heard about this Mechanical Turk, so am checking it out. All in all, a worthwhile article!

  6. James

    Excellent write-up on ORM, or as I like to call it: “The New SEO”. I would also look into “owning the potential negatives” ahead of time if possible. For instance, try to get your business/brand ranking for terms like “[business] alternatives” or “[brand] competitors” or “[business] reviews” etc. This can be done with TLDs, web 2.0s, etc.

    Wikipedia pages are also an option for the folks that qualify! That is basically a guaranteed page one ranking that will stick like glue.

    I would think Mechanical Turk would maybe work best to target “Google AutoComplete” issues if you can get some significant volume going. I have not messed with Google AutoComplete/Suggest issues recently though so not sure what kind of work/submission volume is specifically needed to impact results. AutoComplete used to update/refresh their results every few months at least I believe.

  7. eSparkInfo

    Getting a high SERP is a great challenge. But it is certainly achievable if you have a proper and strong plan. Be a master mind in the link building…

  8. Serp Checker

    Superb tips here. I’ve seen way too many people who owns tons of microsites from the same hosting account and identical website design. It looks very unnatural in Google’s eye, and it’s only the matter of time when your site will be penalised.

  9. AdInfusion

    It DEFINITELY pays to secure your SERPS from the beginning of a project, instead of trying to play catch-up. All too often though, clients wait until something snowballs into a huge problem instead of acting anticipatory.

  10. Carl

    No doubt it is very important not to miss a step in SEO process and never underrate any step. At the end it is all about good work, but first come business. Having a proper business model will make work much easier.

  11. SEO Calgary

    Matt Cutts said you could be penalized for press releases. Do you think that is true? And I wish you’d write more on this blog.

  12. Marc Bournemouth

    We are just about to sign-up to use Microsite Masters so we can give our client branded ranking reports – nice to see you’ve got a good blog on here too. Great product.

  13. Josh Elizetxe

    That is why it is important for clients to understand that SEO is not a quick-fix or something that can be scaled down after some rankings are achieved. It is a long-term play and requires work all-year round. When you drop the ball, others are already lined up to take the spots. After all, there are only 10 spots!

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