18 responses to “The Top 101 Overlooked or Overemphasized Factors In SEO”

  1. Jack Lai

    really great article. There are at least 20 points in here I never thought about. Definitely a must read list for all the SEOers :)

  2. OnQDirector

    Phenomenal Post. This is an absolute must read for anyone looking to play in the Internet Marketing Game. This is the type of good content that will encourage natural sharing and link building.

  3. Seo en Cordoba

    Building links with velocity doesn’t mean that they will be crawled or indexed by search engines at the same rate. You Right! maybe this is the most difficult point to explain to a customer.


  4. Victor Lee

    Awesome tips and tricks. One other thing we’ve been trying to do is to create RSS feeds using Feedity RSS builder for our website and buzz tracking.

  5. jeff

    102. Rand Fishkin is a fucking moron.

  6. Collin Davis

    I tend to agree with Jack. Really phenomenal post, the language flow is great and there are some really cool tools that have been mentioned here that I haven’t used before. Thanks for the same.

  7. David Tong

    Truly epic post… Amazing stuff, :) :)

  8. Adam Steele

    Great read buddy – whether new to SEO or an SEO vet, this is an essential read.

    Only thing I might add is Genesis by Studiopress in addition to Themeforest.

    Also, I would really like to hear you elaborate on Google+ and SEO. Would make a great post : )

    Appreciate the shout out too!

  9. Mark

    Awesome post. Bookmarked.

  10. Jane

    There’s so many golden nuggets in this post, some that I don’t even know. It’s great that you have them on a list so that we can get a good perspective on what SEO really is and stop buying useless rehashed “courses”. Thanks dude, really appreciate this!

  11. Joseph

    Holy shit batman. I love you. Amazing thread, bookmarked.

    This got some serious wheels spinning in my mind!

  12. Craig

    I sort of found your blog site by mistake, but your blog site caught attention and I thought that I might post to tell you that I really like it.

  13. Aaron Kelly

    awesome post. awesome plug. thanks. No really this is fantastic.

  14. Charto

    Nick & Rob,

    Great advice guys for both experienced and amateur SEO’s out there. Look forward to the Montauk Monster case study!

  15. Kevin Bossons

    Damn good article! Easily one of the most actionable and intelligent articles on SEO I’ve read in a long time. I wish I had some good feedback – like things to add – but you covered everything really well.

  16. Jonah

    Interesting ideas and tips! Informational and helpful. Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. Thomas

    I think Bleeko is a great SEO research tool. Sure the search results may stink but their domain and backlink information is great!

  18. Janice Lee

    Many thanks for writing this summary. I’ve been having difficulties to get familiar with search engine ranking and this has made learning it far easier. Do not stop writing. Thanks.

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