4 responses to “Case Study: How I Lost My Link Bait Virginity To The Montauk Monster”

  1. Groomez

    I love cases like these. Build up a simple site out of thin air and profit. So many ways to monetize visitors. Yuzzz nicky

  2. Benji Smalley

    I have just recently started learning seo in depth but this post is quite inspirational when you consider it was all a marketing ploy it makes you wonder could an seo specialist practically make the news with their marketing plans like the monster.

  3. Melinda Droka-MacDonald

    I was reading this post absently while doing some link baiting of my own for a large client. I literally had a “Whoa!” moment which made me give ALL of my attention to the post. Not only is this the best resource I have seen to describe link baiting processes on an epic scale but it also shows how many people are bored and trawling for exciting information. There is an inexhaustible demand out there!

  4. Ana | Traffic Generation Cafe

    Sounds a bit anti-feminist: who says I have to have balzzzz to have nutzzzz?

    Loved the post. Mostly because I am too lazy and don’t possess the quick thinking required for this type of campaign.

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